Greetings from Howie and Holli!


Christmas CorgisWelcome to Howie and Holli’s site! Howie is our playful Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup. Howie lives and plays in Gilbert, Iowa with his brother, Ropy (our Siamese cat). Howie came to his new home on 3-13-2012. Howie’s a ball of energy and loves to bounce around the yard. Check back here for Howie’s updates and be sure to click the Photo Gallery link above to see his photos. They tend to get updated frequently!

Howie now has a little sister, Holli (also a Pembroke Welsh Corgi)!  Holli came to her new home on 10-20-2012.  We thought Howie was a ball of energy.  He’s got nothing on Holli.   And wow is she a sassy one.  I think it’s safe to say we won’t have any overweight corgis in the house.  It’s non-stop chasing and herding with these two!